Introducing our new colour: Artichoke

Make a statement in any room with this vibrant new colour finish.

"All my life I've pursued the perfect red" wrote fashion columnist and editor Diana Vreeland in her autobiography. Her pursuit for that most vibrant of colours was a noble one and certainly resulted in a vast and exciting range of hues inspired by her love of it.

It's a colour that is alive, but not unsettling. It resonates with a sense of wellbeing.

Our own love of the colour red prompted us to consider introducing this unique shade into our collection. Earlier in 2016, we started doing some research and naturally we took our cue from Mother Nature. We finally settled on the deep red and purple tones of the artichoke flower as our main inspiration.

Aptly named Artichoke, this deep red finish can be applied to any of our Designed by Sibley pieces, and will add a lively accent to any room, while still reflecting the earthy, natural undertones that inspired us in the first place.

It works to uplift a space and offers a refreshing hue in the midst of more muted tones. Its warmth is welcoming and rightly so given that widespread research has shown that red tones in a room evoke positive emotions.

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