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Framed Sibley Print

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Bring an air of playful expressionism into your interiors with a limited edition Sibley print. In this classically framed print, Sibley’s loose sketch work style brings a sense of movement and vibrancy to the scene. 

A decor setting isn’t complete without a few choice art pieces hanging on the wall. Give your home a personal touch by choosing original artworks and prints by local artists such as Sibley. With touches of abstract expressionism and surrealism, his work focuses on a wide variety of subjects, much of them to do with the human condition. Sibley is also a founder of Block & Chisel, and the original master craftsman who designed and made many of the French and English country style pieces that are made in our workshop to this day. This may offer some explanation as to why his art is so complementary to our furniture collections.

*Giclée print on canvas 

*Frame with black and gold finish 

*Just 8 prints available in this edition


710 (L) x 400 (W) x 920 (H)


5.5 kg