Block & Chisel wooden antique benchBlock & Chisel wooden antique bench

Monks Bench

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The antique monks bench is a dual-purpose piece of furniture whose design was originally used in monasteries where space was limited and function ruled. The bench actually serves three purposes. It is used for sitting on, as a table, and there is storage underneath the seat. All of these functions still apply to households today and the beauty of an antiques monks bench within the home should not be underestimated. Our antique monks bench enhances homes with its medieval hand-carvings, displayed by its lovely wooden grain that has developed a beautiful colour over the years. The seat of this late gothic furniture piece can be opened and used as a storage area. An impressive piece of furniture for equally impressive interiors.


Our Limited Edition pieces are carefully selected for their unique qualities.



1370 (L) x 440 (W) x 1060 (H)


40 kg