Block & Chisel is now in Cape Town city

We’ve been hard at work transforming 122 Kloof St, Cape Town into something utterly inspiring. Pay us a visit to see for yourself.

Anyone who has visited our brick-and-mortar stores will know that each one is a unique showcase for our furniture collections. The Kloof Street store is no different. The building lent itself to a Chelsea London feel with boxed hedges, a conservatory and plenty of spaces that show variety: at once classic and eclectic. The result is something that will appeal to our discerning clientele.

We’ve known for some time that we wanted a town presence and 2019 has provided that opportunity. Until recently, this location was the home of our sister brand, Loft Living, which has made the exciting decision to move exclusively into the ecommerce space. 

The cosmopolitan Kloof Street with its coffee shops, restaurants and boutique stores provides the ideal backdrop for our latest showroom. It’s convenient for city dwellers and also offers quick access for our clientele living in the Northern Suburbs. The store’s world-class styling will also appeal to our visitiors from abroad.

“We want to give context and scale to our pieces so that those looking to create beautiful living spaces leave our stores feeling well-equipped to do that.”

- Paul McAdam, Block & Chisel

When it comes to choosing pieces for your interiors, we're conscious of the need for references that are true to real life so we have designed our stores to be what we like to call “inspired retail.” This means bringing in natural light, creating interesting nooks and varied spaces to demonstrate the versatility of a piece.

The result is that each Block & Chisel store offers a unique take on interiors and an experience that appeals to all the senses.

In the insightful words of Gary Friedman, our driving purpose is to create “spaces that are more home than store” and which “blur the lines between residential and retail, indoors and outdoors.”

We want to share our passion for beautiful living with you. Visiting Block & Chisel is an experience that should stir up your passion for interiors and embolden you to create spaces that speak to your own style.


Make a date to visit our newest store at 122 Kloof St, Cape Town, soon. We're looking forward to welcoming you.



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