Bring spring into your home decor

Bring the sunshine into your home with accents of colour that will freshen up your decor and create the right tone for the warmer days to come.

 “Spring is the time of plans and projects.”

So observed Leo Tolstoy in his classic novel Anna Karenina. Refreshing your home ahead of summer season must certainly qualify as such a project. Let colour trend inform you for a truly transformative, yet simple way to create impactful decor.

Green is go

Green is still a strong colour trend for this year. It’s restorative in a primal sense - the human eye can see more shades of green than any other colour for a reason. Evolutionary factors certainly play a role, and might explain why we find green so invigorating. 

Yellow is sunshine

From canary-yellow accents to earthier camel tones, yellow is a cheerful addition to a room, making it feel inviting and optimistic. It is an ideal colour to introduce during spring with all its promise of new life. 

Neutral is balance

Warm neutrals such as taupe and mushroom continue to offer a great base in decor during the warmer seasons. These natural neutral tones have a calming effect on the overall ambience. What’s more they are flexible, able to adapt with a wide variety of styles and colours.

Blue is cool

In summer, you can never have too much blue. This is a colour that is not only associated with serenity and peace, but also creates the perception of coolness. 


Pink is consciousness

From millennial pink, energetic fuschia and even the softest blossom tones, pink has become a popular addition to home decor in the last couple of years. In some circles, the colour is considered a reflection of social and political consciousness. In 2016, Pantone confirmed this by introducing Rose Quartz as its colour of the year, motivating that this softer pink offered a warmth and reassurance during a tumultuous age.

Incorporate pink into your home with combinations of gold, light grey and charcoal for truly en pointe decor.

Image credit Andrew McKenzie

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