Care for your wooden furniture, naturally

Maintaining your wooden furniture properly and regularly helps it to age gracefully. Here's how to ensure the longevity of those beloved items.

Natural cleaning products allow the wood to “breathe”, which means that the timber can release any excess moisture without the harsh after-effects of unwanted chemicals.

We all have our cleaning rituals, and the last few years has seen an awakening amongst the eco-conscious to the benefits of using natural or organic ingredients as a substitute for highly-engineered, chemical-driven cleaning products.

There are many benefits to using 100% natural products for wood care.  For one, you can avoid that streaky, heavy build-up of product that can occur with the use of traditional cleaning products.

Studio Antiques products cover all aspects of wood care, from protectors to revivers. Each product is simple to use, crafted from age old recipes and adapted for our harsh South African climate. Made in South Africa, they are totally free from harmful chemicals, using only natural and eco-friendly ingredients. 

We offer the following Studio Antiques products in all of our stores:

Traditional Furniture Wax - clear
This age-old funiture product helps to nourish wood, safe-guarding against climate and temperature changes
Price: R195.00

Traditional Wax - dark
The patina-enhancing dark version of the traditional wax brings out rich aging colour
Price: R175.00

Creamy Beeswax
A dual-purpose product that improves lustre and shine on leather and wood
Price: R195.00

Deep Wood Protector
Give old pieces much needed nourishment and protection for restored shine
Price: R175.00

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If you prefer to create your own cleaning products with just the right mix, try this step by step guide using vinegar and water. 

You will need:

• 1L Spray Bottle (optional)
• White Vinegar
• Micro fibre cloth
• Measuring cup

Step 1

Mix half a cup of white vinegar in 4 litres of water. You can use a spray bottle to mix this in.

Step 2

Use a clean, soft cloth. It’s important that the cloth has not been used with other detergents before. Moisten your cloth with the mixture, but be careful not to saturate it too much as you want to avoid getting too much water onto your furniture.

Step 3

Start cleaning using a gentle circular motion over the wooden surface. Once your piece is clean you can apply your polish or wax.

This homemade recipe is one of the more popular green cleaning alternatives and its versatility means that it’s easy to use when you want to remove unwanted grime without doing damage to your furniture. It's also harmless to kids and pets.


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