How to mix different interior styles like a pro

Give a room character and create memorable interiors by choosing furniture from different styles and eras. Here are three important tips to consider when mixing styles.

There is something to be said for perfect harmony and symmetry in a room, but spaces which leave visitors envying them are most often full of the unexpected. This does not mean you need to choose wacky or crazy furniture to leave your personal footprint. Rather, this is about creating contrast and you can do that with great success by mixing different styles of furniture together.

To successfully mix different style genres think about creating contrasts. Play with matching hard with soft, dull with bright, square with round or wood with metal.  

Choose just one statement piece

Try adding an antique, classic or mid-century piece to a contemporary setting. This will add character to your room, whilst creating an interesting overall look.Choose a piece that has a story, perhaps a heirloom or something bought on your travels, as the energy imbued in such pieces is unsurpassable. By doing this you are also creating what many refer to as a conversation piece, and sharing its story gives your room setting even more ambience and uniqueness. 

Give colour consideration

When choosing a piece which might be considered to go against the style of a space, keep to the same colour tones as the rest of the furniture in that room for a more subtle transition. This is also a safer option if mixing styles is new to you. But if you are feeling brave, then bring in a complementary colour which will liven the space, and which will become the room’s accent piece.

Mix pieces from different time periods

Objects from different time periods have unique characteristics. When you apply the principle that 'opposites attract', you can change the feel of a space dramatically. A sleek, contemporary abstract piece of art can sit beautifully above a turn-of-the-century classic bureau or mantle piece.


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