How to pot your plants beautifully

Greenery has become increasingly welcome in our homes, adding a touch of freshness and peace. Turn your indoor plants into a decor statement.

These days indoor plants aren't restricted to entrance halls, but have branched out into a variety of rooms such as the living room, study, kitchen and bathrooms, not to mention their welcome presence on the patio, balcony and sunroom.

Not only do they add a dash of verdant style, houseplants improve our health too, cleaning the air of carbon dioxide and other harmful chemicals. Being surrounded by greenery also lowers our blood pressure, Happily, this second benefit can be attributed to both real or faux plants too. 

Our director Susan McCoubrey carefully selects faux plants that look like the real thing, but which allow far more scope from a decor point of view. While certainly not offering the same benefits as a real plant might, these faux plants do allow for a lot more flexibility when it comes to placement in your home, not to mention being low maintenance and waterwise

Pot them prettily

A good vessel is a great step towards creating both a good home for your plant and an opportunity to bring in colour and texture into your interiors.

Texture and colour are important to factor in when considering how your vessel will fit in with the overall decor style. You’ll achieve a more eclectic look with a variety of colours and textures, while similar vessels grouped together will be more classic.

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Create a Provencal garden with a variation of planters including zinc, terracotta and basketware.


Choose a pot that will allow your plant room to grow.   Your pots should allow for good drainage. If not, then there are two options to consider:  Place a layer of small pebbles, and a layer of sand at the bottom of your pot before adding potting soil to ensure that the plant roots do not sit in too much moisture.  Choose a plastic pot inner that has good drainage and which you can simply slip inside your pot of choice.

Anduze pots available in large, medium, small


Display them proudly

Consider the look you are going for - is it more formal or more casual? The material of your chosen vessel can help direct the look. Glass, tin, ceramic and basketware are just a few of the options available to you at Block & Chisel. 

Grouping your pot plants in an even number and arranging them symmetrically will create a more formal look, while an odd number of pot plants arranged asymmetrically will make give you a more casual look.

You’ll achieve a more eclectic look with a variety of pot colours and finishes, while pots that are of the same colour and finish grouped together will be far more formal.

Give more prominence to one or more pot plants with the use of a plinth or pot stand, or hang them from the ceiling or wall. 

Well-placed pot plants are a wonderful way to create a welcoming and peaceful ambience in your home.

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