3 Ways to create intimate outdoor living spaces

3 ways to create intimate outdoor living spaces
From covered patio to garden, indoor-outdoor living during the autumn season just got a little more stylish with our latest selection of decor.

Fling open the doors and take in the brisk autumn air in style. Scroll down for 3 inspiring ways to bring style to your indoor-outdoor living spaces. 

Let purpose define each space in your indoor-outdoor living area. A dining area might lead into a seating area and all are connected with details in similar colours or textures. 

1. In The Poolhouse

Create a seamless flow from your living room to your covered patio with a strong accent colours and pieces rich in natural textures. Woven from cane, the Izzi Cane Corner Settee adds classic style that serves as a good foundation for your seating area. Its overstuffed seat cushions invite you to sit and its handy side table works well for sundowners. Add scatter cushions in indigo blue for more classic style reference or go bold with jungle prints or African-inspired pattern. 

“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house." ― Nathaniel Hawthorne 

2. Under The Trees

Create an intimate setting under the trees with the compact President Patio Set and let the soft autumn sunlight recharge your soul. Its straight-lined design made from hard-wearing teak and simple white cushions give it a contemporary look that'll look utterly luxurious beneath the trees. 

Curl up with a book in the Crowley Nest Chair. 

3. In The Garden

The latest pieces in our Synthetic Rattan collection are rich in texture with intricate woven patterns. Equally at home in the garden or your living room, these pieces are hardwearing and ideal for stylish entertaining. Better still, their aluminium frames make them lightweight and easy to move around, enabling you to find the perfect sunny spot in the garden. 

As long summer days give way to autumn's brilliant colours, let your home be a stylish observation point where you and your guests can truly soak in the natural splendour of it all. 


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