4 Collabs we’re celebrating right now

4 Collabs we’re celebrating right now
We’re celebrating our motto of living beautifully by aligning with artists and artisans who excel at what they do.

With an expert eye and clear vision, our directors have taken bold steps to create the complete picture by incorporating art and scent into our interior offering. 

The gallery space at our brand new store situated at 11 Charles Crescent, Sandton is a feast for the eye. It features one-of-a-kind interiors that showcase boldly timeless living spaces.  

Here you will find work by surrealist Sibley adorning the walls, while exquisite sculptures by Sarah Heinamann are placed amongst scenes using our Limited Edition Collection

“We hope to make this a dynamic space to show off other talented artists in the coming months,” says Block & Chisel director, Susan McCoubrey.



Here are 4 inspiring collaborations we’re celebrating right now at our flagship store in Sandton. 


Artist Sarah Heinamann creates work in a variety of mediums and disciplines. Her sculptural collection of bronze-cast seedpods is inspired by the birth, life, death and rebirth cycle and much of it is on display at our Sandton store. She has also created a series of totems using precious stones. The grandest of these stands over a metre tall and is made with a combination of blue sodalite semi-precious stones, a ceramic octahedron geometric shape and a large bronze Australian Banksia seedpod. The base is clad in beaten brass. It is currently standing proud in the gallery section of our Sandton store set against Sibley art pieces and our Limited Edition collection. 

Sarah has also created smaller versions of the totem using various semi-precious stones based on the energy they symbolise. These are just under 20cm high and look beautiful on a console or coffee table.

Come and see her works on display at our Sandton store between September and October 2022.



With a touch of abstract expressionism and surrealism, Sibley’s work delves into a wide variety of subjects, much of them to do with the human condition, and often takes the form of portraiture. His primary medium is acrylic on canvas, but he occasionally works in charcoal. 

Sibley also happens to be a founder of Block & Chisel, and the original master craftsman who designed and made many of the French and English country style pieces that are made in our workshop to this day. This may offer some explanation as to why his art is so complementary to our furniture collection.

As decor consultant Grace Msibi observes, “I love that we can show the full circle of Sibley’s artistic capabilities from his furniture designs to his artworks that now adorn our walls.” 




Bringing premium wall design brand Cara Saven Wall Art into our styled store scenes has worked to achieve inspiring style. 

While the wallpaper is locally designed and produced, it is also internationally certified. Each wall design is “redesigned” to properly suit the unique shape of your wall.  

“The team at Block & Chisel have done the impossible,” says the brand in a recent Instagram post. “They have taken a warehouse sized space and made it feel like home. Every corner has been beautifully curated so you can buy the entire look without so much as opening a decor magazine. They have used our wallpapers throughout and the result is just sensational.”




Scent offers the final touch to a beautiful home, so choosing high quality, beautiful home scents is a priority for us here at Block & Chisel. Enter Fuego Lifestyle, experts in luxury home fragrance and our partner when it comes to creating beautiful scentscapes. 

From diffusers to candles, we have a selection of outstanding luxury natural scents available. You will find a thoughtful selection from the Geodesis range, Compagnie de Provence and La Bonne Maison range of fragrances to choose from. 



Turning a home into an inspirational example of living beautifully is made so much better when it’s done in good company. Discover true interior inspiration when you visit our stores. Find a store near you. 


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